Campaigners have said Prince Andrew still owes answers to the British public, after the Virginia Giuffre settlement.

Responding to the news of the settlement, Graham Smith of campaign group Republic said today:

"I'm pleased Virginia Giuffre has achieved a settlement in this case, but there remain a lot of serious questions to which the public deserve answers."

"Has Andrew admitted guilt? Does this settlement and his claim to support victims of sexual abuse mean he will now cooperate with the FBI? Will the Met Police now do what they should have done and investigate complaints against him in London?"

"Taxpayers also deserve to know where the money is coming from for a settlement, which we must assume is in the millions, if not tens of millions."

"So much public money ends up in royal pockets one way or another, are the British public ultimately paying for Andrew to avoid appearing in court?"

"This scandal has done significant damage to the monarchy, and these questions aren't going away."