The British constitution is in danger of facing a collapse in confidence, campaigners have said.


Pro-democracy campaign group Republic has said post-Brexit Britain urgently needs a new constitution, one which makes clear the role of parliament and referendums.


Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, said today:


"Whatever your view on Brexit, it must be right that parliament makes laws.  There should be no doubt that it's our elected MPs, not a few people in Whitehall, who make the law."


"There has been considerable uncertainty about the meaning and force of the referendum and the power of the government to act using Crown powers."


"Even now many people are unhappy and often confused about what the ruling is about and who should decide the terms of Brexit.  We are in danger of a collapse in confidence in the current constitution."


"We need a new constitution, one that has no room for a Crown, one that makes clear the authority of parliament and the role of referendums - whatever role we decide that should be."


"The courts of course had to uphold the 300 year old position that the Crown can't make laws without parliament.  Now we need that enshrined in a new written constitution."