A new YouGov poll has revealed that a clear majority of Britons back Republic's call for the Queen to reveal her tax details. 52% thought the Queen should have to publish her tax returns, while just 36% opposed the idea.

The Queen pays tax voluntarily at a rate of her choosing following an obscure deal with John Major's government 20 years ago. The full details of the deal have been kept secret, but it is known that the agreement granted the Queen unique tax reliefs and exempted her from paying inheritance tax on the Queen Mother's fortune, depriving the Treasury of tens of millions when she died.

Republic has long argued that given the Queen’s unique and personalised tax arrangements the public has a right to know exactly how much tax she pays. This is particularly important given the Queen’s access to government and potential for influencing Treasury policy.

The poll comes amid an intense public debate about tax transparency, after the Prime Minister attacked comedian Jimmy Carr's "morally wrong" tax arrangements.

Welcoming the results of the poll, Republic's chief executive Graham Smith said:

"The Queen is in a position to lobby government in secret, to influence Treasury decisions and to secure changes in tax law that will benefit her personally. She also has a uniquely personalised tax arrangement with the government – there is clearly a need for transparency here."

"This is about transparency – the public need to know that government decisions are made for the greater good, not personal gain. The Queen is in a position to influence policy behind closed doors, and as head of state she is expected to set an example."

"It is high time the Queen came clean on her privileged tax status and let the people know whether or not she is paying the highest rates of tax on her private and public income."

Speaking in April, when Republic first called on the Queen to reveal her tax details, the Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert said:

"I totally support Republic’s call for more openness and transparency in the Queen’s tax affairs."

"The Queen has enjoyed an element of secrecy in her financial affairs afforded to her by a unique tax agreement negotiated with the Conservative government 20 years ago. But if we are to ask ministers for tax disclosure, we must apply the same principle here."

"A head of state supported by the taxpayer must be accountable to the taxpayer."