Republic has welcomed the emergence of new anti-monarchy group No More Royals, who staged a protest inside Windsor Castle today.

Two protesters posed for photos on the king's bed, saying "People of our generation are done with bowing and curtseying to this family of colonisers who pretend to care about us."

They added via Twitter that "Anybody that acts on behalf of equality, justice, kindness & solidarity is invited to become a founder of this movement."

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said today:

"The public mood is clearly moving away from the monarchy. Now Republic is joined by No More Royals who are aiming for speak for a generation of people angry about the inequality represented by the monarchy."

"Protests will continue before, during and long after the coronation. And we will see more people stepping up to challenge this ridiculous and elitist institution."

Photos from No More Royals can be found on their Twitter feed at