Campaign group Republic has responded to the first episodes of the Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary by calling for a full reset of the relationship between the monarchy and media.

The programme highlights the "we pay, you pose" unwritten agreement between press and royals, which also sees the royals expecting coverage on their terms in exchange for giving newspapers what they want.

Speaking today, Graham Smith said:

"The monarchy is a state institution, not a production of the Kardashians. The media need to treat the royals as they treat politicians and other public figures, allowing them legitimate privacy while challenging them in the public interest."

"It has long been understood that the families of politicians are largely off limits, but that politicians themselves must put up with scrutiny and the rough edge of a free press."

"Harry and Meghan raise some legitimate points about press intrusion, but the royals all need to accept the rough with the smooth. It's time to ignore the soap opera and report the serious issues raised by the monarchy, without fear or favour."

"We do not need to know the details of Meghan Markle's relationships with her extended family, but we do need to challenge the royal household on secrecy, corruption and the abuse of office. It's time the press and the country re-evaluated our priorities and our relationship with the monarchy."