Campaign group Republic has urged the media to keep a sense of perspective over the imminent arrival of a new royal baby.

With the majority of people not interested in the news and an election just days away Republic has urged broadcasters to keep their heads.

Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, said today:

"This may be news, but it's not big news, it's not headline news and it's not news most people are interested in beyond brief curiosity."

"When there's a hugely important election just days away and crises overseas to spend more than 30 seconds talking about the non-story of a royal baby is a complete over-reaction."

"This is essentially the exploitation of a private event to promote a political institution.  So broadcasters in particular need to refrain from deferential coverage and nonsense commentary."

"With 3.5m children living in poverty and this child being born into a hereditary political institution a royal baby does raise some very serious issues.  When the media does cover this story it is those issues of inequality and power that should be at the front and centre of that coverage."

"Why is this child in line to be head of state?  Why aren't all children born equal?  What does this birth say about the rights of the royal baby and all other children?"

"Around 2,200 babies are born in the UK every day - let's keep this in perspective and focus on the serious issues that hereditary power and privilege raise."