Campaign group Republic has welcomed proposals put forward by the Labour party this morning, but have cautioned that without a codified, written constitution any changes a Labour government makes can easily be undone by a future Conservative administration.

The group has also called for everything to be put on the table, including the role of the head of state, the Privy Council and royal prerogative powers.

Graham Smith, speaking today, said:

"Getting rid of the Lords should be a no-brainer. It's an absurdity that should have been scraped decades ago. Yet on the question of reforms at the national level this report falls short."

"Labour talks about 'entrenching' certain parts of their plan, but that makes no sense if these constitutional changes can be overturned by a simple majority in parliament."

"To entrench anything in a constitution it must be codified and only changed by referendum or a super-majority in parliament."

"We also need to see a more dramatic shift in power between government and parliament, scrapping the Privy Council and prerogative powers and empowering MPs to have more control over parliamentary business."

"Far from being a mere ceremonial body, the Privy Council is a source of excessive government power and has no place in a modern democracy."

"The British constitution is not fit for purpose, it serves those in government more than it serves the public. For that reason it's to be welcomed that Labour is opening up this debate. But the debate must go further, no part of our constitution can be off limits to serious discussion."