Newcastle is hosting Republic's annual convention this Saturday, where speakers will call for wide-ranging reforms to Britain's democracy.

The convention theme is 'Taking Back Control?' and is asking how power can really be shifted from Westminster to voters in the North East and right around the country.   

Speakers include local Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah and Emma Dent Coad MP from Kensington as well as former Greens leader Natalie Bennett and Swedish Liberal MP Christina Örnebjär.

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Graham Smith, Republic's CEO who will also be speaking at the convention, said today:

"Talk of 'taking back control' is hollow when power remains centralised and concentrated in Number 10.  We need radical reform that shifts the balance of power between the government, parliament and voters."

"Republic sees the abolition of the monarchy as key to creating a more robust democracy: a written constitution, fully elected parliament and proper limitations on power."

"We're delighted to have new Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad speaking alongside Chi Onwurah, Natalie Bennett and other great guests."

"I'm going to be making clear the central role the monarchy plays in Britain's constitution - and why the monarchy needs to go.  A genuinely democratic parliamentary system for Britain is long overdue."