A large polling station sign has been attached to the gates of Kensington Palace in protest against the coronation.

This follows a similar action at Buckingham Palace last month.

[PHOTO: Rikki Blue]

Early this morning two activists attached the sign to the gates, declaring Kensington Palace a polling station.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said:

"Do we want Charles or a choice? That's the simple question we need to be asking people, instead of spending millions of pounds on a needless coronation."

"Support for the monarchy has fallen below 50% in all age groups below 45. As many as a third of the population want the monarchy gone - yet those voices aren't being heard."

"We need that public debate - we need a serious discussion about royal corruption, abuse of power and the failure of the monarchy to serve the interests of this country."

"As importantly we need to start talking about the exciting, positive democratic alternative - a parliamentary republic with an elected head of state."

"Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for a public vote on the monarchy. We're expecting tens of thousands more to add their name to the demand over coming weeks."

"Republic is planning stunts and protests over the coming weeks and will be staging a large demonstration at the coronation in may."


Petition is at https://actionstorm.org/petitions/notmyking

Savanta Poll conducted in January 2023