Campaigners have renewed calls for a full inquiry into lobbying and political interference by members of the royal family.


The call follows fresh revelations about Prince Charles and Prince William over the past 24 hours.


It has been reported Prince William is now following in his father's footsteps, summoning government ministers to hear his views on political issues.


Prince Charles has been accused of directly interfering in Britain's relationship with the United States, asking the US ambassador to halt the 2003 Afghanistan invasion.


Graham Smith of Republic said today:


"The arrogance of summoning a government minister to the palace is breathtaking.  Prince William is clearly intent on abusing his position to push his own agenda, just as his dad has done for years."


"The reckless stupidity of Prince Charles interfering in the most sensitive aspects of Britain's relationship with the US is beyond belief."


"If we're all talking about taking back control, then voters need to know the unelected royals aren't influencing governments here or elsewhere."


"The few scraps of evidence of royal interference only give a hint of the problem. We need a full inquiry into royal meddling and the impact it has on government policy."