Over 500 republicans gathered at the State Opening of Parliament today, to protest against the monarchy, Charles and his role in the ceremony.

This was Republic’s first London protest since the Coronation, where 8 volunteers and staff members were unlawfully arrested by the Met Police.

Despite objections to their demonstration from Parliament and the Met Police, which Republic branded as an attempt to ‘suppress peaceful protest’, the event ultimately drew a large crowd of over 500 republican protestors.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said today:

"Our parliament is opened by a king wearing a crown while sitting in the Lords. It is just weird we continue with this pantomime that celebrates the worst, least democratic aspects of our political system."

"As Republic continues to enjoy unprecedented growth, our continued programme of protests are showcasing a democratic alternative, a future where we can instead elect our Head of State."

"Our message today is that this campaign is about more than the monarch, it's about the place of the Crown in parliament and the ramshackle state of our constitution." 

"The growth of our movement shows that Britain is no longer receptive to the status quo - republicanism is on the rise."

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