Campaign group Republic has renewed its call for the honours system to be radically reformed.  The call follows revelations in the press that a company is charging people thousands of pounds to work the system in favour of their clients.


Graham Smith, the group's CEO, said today:


"Honours should be about honest recognition of bravery and sacrifice.  They should be awarded in good faith, not sought after by people with status envy."


"Anyone so desperate to get an honour that they would pay thousands of pounds to this company should be automatically barred from the process."


"Honours should be reserved for those who have performed exemplary service above and beyond the call of duty or who have committed significant acts of bravery - that's it."


"The whole system is corrupt and beyond repair.  These latest revelations only add to the case for radical reform."


"It's time to scrap all the silly titles, get rid of the gongs-for-jobs and celebrity knighthoods.  It's time we put the honour back into the honours system."



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