A Savanta poll shows support for the monarchy for all age groups below 45 has fallen comfortably below 50%.

More people aged 18-24 support a republic than the monarchy, while overall almost a third of the country wants a republic.

The poll shows support for the monarchy remains under 60%, while that figure is sustained by those over the age of 64.

The poll shows 57% support for the monarchy, 30% for a republic, which is 42/46 split for those under 25. It is 45/37 for 25-34 age group and 44/41 for 35-44 age group. 81% of over 65s support the monarchy.

With the exception of some outliers, most polls now show support for the monarchy below 60%, with one poll where people were simply asked do you support the monarchy or not support the monarchy, support was down to 52%.

Enthusiasm for the coronation is below 10% according to recent polls.

Speaking for Republic Graham Smith said today:

"Support for the monarchy is clearly falling. More importantly a host of other polls show most people no longer feel its important and aren't that interested."

"This Savanta poll shows that the monarchy has lost popular support from those under the age of 45. It's not just young people turning away."

"The crucial thing we are noticing is that while support for retention remains over 50%, people clearly no longer feel emotionally attached to the monarchy as they did before."

"Royalists have always said that the monarchy survives for as long as the people want it. When support falls below 50% that will spell serious trouble for the institution."

Full table of results at https://assets.nationbuilder.com/republic/pages/576/attachments/original/1683282884/savanta_april2.pdf?1683282884