Like thousands of other parents-to-be across the country, Kate and William must be thrilled - but their news just highlights the absurdity of hereditary office and focuses minds on what kind of future we want for Britain. People are rightly asking: "Why doesn't every child have the chance to be head of state?" That's why they've been signing up in droves over the last 24 hours, making donations and becoming members. By contrast, as the media frenzy continues, the public reaction to the announcement has generally been one of indifference. A royal baby is great news for the republican movement as it raises serious questions about the future of the monarchy, ones the royal family would rather avoid:

The next generation of royals will serve as a constant reminder of the nonsense of hereditary public office.

In 2013 we will be told who our head of state will be in 2063 and beyond.

From day one this baby will have their religion, career and whole life mapped out, pre-determined and scrutinised.

A young heir raises the absurd possibility of a child head of state.

We want a Britain where every child has the right to seek the highest job in the country. That's why Republic will be working hard over the coming months to challenge the succession, take on the most common myths and build support across the country. And that's why we're asking for your support today by joining or encouraging friends and family to join Republic, or by making a donation to our fighting funds. Remember, the more the royals are in the media the more people start actively thinking about the issue. And the more opportunities we get to challenge the whole institution.  But Republic needs your support to make our voices louder and stronger than ever before.

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