Campaign group Republic has compared Prince Edward being made Duke of Edinburgh to Boris Johnson awarding titles and honours to his brother and father.

The Duke of Edinburgh title is a public office, not a private title. Yet it has been awarded by the head of state to his brother as a birthday present.

Speaking for Republic Graham Smith said today:

"People might not be surprised to see nepotism in the royal family. After all, nepotism is the founding principle of the monarchy. But that doesn't justify the head of state awarding titles and status to his brother."

"If we're going to have such daft titles they should be decided by parliament or government - and it should not be possible for the head of state to award his own family."

"We cannot complain one day about a prime minister awarding his brother and father with titles and status, then ignore the head of state the following day awarding his brother with titles and status."

"It might also be reasonable, if the title is to persist, to seek the views of the people of Edinburgh, who might not be so keen to be associated with Edward."

"If this is accepted as a normal part of the way monarchy works, then there's another reason to scrap the monarchy and have a modern, principled constitution."