Labour MP Clive Lewis is to speak at the anti-monarchy coronation protest on Saturday.

Lewis has made his feelings clear in recent months, coming out firmly for a republic.

The protest on Trafalgar Square will see a number of speakers, including Clive Lewis, Peter Tatchell, Republic's Graham Smith and Paul Powlesland, the lawyer who was threatened with arrest when holding up a blank piece of paper after the death of the Queen.

In an article for the Guardian, published shortly after the Queen's death, Lewis said the monarchy remained "the backbone of a power structure that traces its roots back to feudalism."

He added: "We must make constitutional, democratic reform a political priority. It isn’t a sideshow to be relegated behind the NHS, the energy crisis or climate issues. Discussion of the monarchy, our politics, our constitution, is something to be vigorously aired, not shut down or even temporarily suppressed."

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said:

"We're really pleased to have Clive Lewis joining the protest. It's time more MPs spoke up, we know lots of them agree with us, they need to start saying so."

"Lewis is a great advocate for a British republic and we're looking forward to hearing what he has to say on the day."

"We're also excited to have a number of other speakers from the wider movement, including from the Alliance of European Republican Movements."

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