Campaign group Republic has this evening warned that Prince Charles will bring down the monarchy, if reports in the Guardian are to be believed.

According to the Guardian Charles is planning to redefine the role of the monarch when he becomes king, and will speak out on contentious issues.

Republic has said an activist king would be intolerable in a democratic society, but a welcome opportunity to rid Britain of the monarchy.

Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, said this evening:

"Charles is a very good advert for why the monarchy is a bad idea. The monarch has power, access and influence, and is completely beyond the reach of democratic accountability."

"The more Charles speaks out the more transparency people will demand, and the more we'll find out about his interference.  The time will come when the people decide they no longer want him in office yet have no means to get rid of him."

"For the sake of British democracy Charles's reign must be brief and must end with an election for the next head of state."

"The Queen has managed to avoid controversy and so keep the monarchy out of danger.  If Charles speaks his mind as monarch support for abolition of the monarchy will sky-rocket."

"If the reports in the Guardian are true - and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest they are - they show just how arrogant and out of touch Prince Charles really is.  He has no consideration for the will of the people or fundamental democratic principles."

"He believes he has been put on Earth to save us from ourselves without any concern for what the voters want or think.  His arrogance is breath-taking."