Campaign group Republic has called the Met’s announcement that it won’t be continuing an investigation into cash for honours allegations dishonest and appalling.

Reports suggest the investigation was about the Prince’s Foundation, but it was Prince Charles, as he was then, and his aide Michael Fawcett who were reported to the police.

A letter published by the Sunday Times showed a very clear promise of honours in exchange for donations, a promise made by Fawcett. It is unlikely Fawcett could make such promises without the King’s approval.

Republic’s CEO Graham Smith reported both Charles and Fawcett to the police. The police have not spoken to Charles once in relation to the case.

Speaking today Graham Smith said:

“Imagine never having to face any consequences, never being questioned about accusations of wrongdoing.”

“Andrew and now Charles. The royals are beyond the law, the police unwilling to even question them as witnesses, let alone as suspects.”

“The contrast with the list of indictments against a former president in the US is damning.”

“The Met’s claim to police without fear or favour rings hollow today. The evidence of offers of honours for cash is fairly compelling, yet they haven’t even investigated the main suspect.”

“Today the police have spun this as an investigation into the Prince’s Foundation, yet the accusations were directed personally at Charles and Fawcett. This level of dishonesty cannot go unchallenged.”

“Republic will begin a fresh campaign to insist the royals are equal in law, to ensure the police treat them as equals. We will be demanding parliament investigates the questionable relationship between the royals and the police.”