Campaigners have called on King Charles to pay reparations to communities affected by the historical legacy of slavery.

The call comes after Labour MP Clive Lewis called on the government to negotiate with Caribbean leaders on payment of reparations.

It also follows the announcement from the Trevelyan family that they would be paying reparations in an acknowledgement of their family's connection to the slave trade.

The royal family has inherited a vast fortune from one monarch to the next, much of which was earned off the back of the transatlantic slave trade. Monarchs from James I to William IV profited from and supported slavery.

Speaking for campaign group Republic, Graham Smith said today:

"Charles inherited an estimated £650m last year. He didn't pay a penny tax on that inheritance - and a lot of it can be traced back to the slave trade and empire."

"It is only reasonable that Charles offers Caribbean and other communities a full-throated apology and a sizeable multi-million pound reparations payment."

"The impact of slavery and empire continues to this day. Charles wants those communities to respect him, to have him as their head of state - yet he refuses to acknowledge his family's past connections with slavery."

"The royals dine off their family roots - it is after all a hereditary monarchy. They can hardly claim hereditary power on one hand but deny any inherited responsibility on the other."