Campaigners have branded King Charles a 'climate change hypocrite' on the day he makes a speech to COP28.

In his speech Charles has noted the rapid increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, yet remains one of the UK's largest private polluters.

Graham Smith, speaking today for the campaign group Republic, said:

"Charles is playing at environmentalism, while churning out a huge carbon footprint with regular flights by helicopter and private jet, maintaining several huge homes and living a luxury, high-carbon lifestyle."

"We need an elected head of state, someone who can speak sincerely and intelligently about the crisis facing the planet, not someone who plays at environmentalism as a prop to promote his own credentials."

"Tackling climate change means tackling those who produce the biggest carbon footprints, which means the richest countries and the richest people."

"Charles is one of the super rich whose carbon footprint dwarfs that of ordinary people."

"By allowing Charles off the hook, by letting him play the environmentalist, we are being distracted from the real issues that are impacting the environment."

"On the environment Charles should be in the dock, not on the witness stand."