Campaigners will be writing to the BBC, calling for a root and branch review of their royal coverage and its relationship with the palace.

The move follows days of sycophantic and one-sided reporting of the jubilee.

Campaign group Republic has called the BBC's news and current affairs coverage of the jubilee 'pathetic' and an abject failure to provide the balance that's required of them.

Republic will be writing to Deborah Turness, the recently appointed CEO of BBC news and current affairs.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said:

"The BBC has a duty to provide impartial and balanced coverage at all times. That includes reporting on the monarchy."

"The BBC has admitted the monarchy can be a controversial and divisive issue, and yet their coverage is almost entirely one-sided."

"The jubilee is not a national celebration, it is a carefully staged event to promote the monarchy and the royal brand."

"The BBC should be stepping back and reporting on what's happening, and why, and they should be reflecting on public opinion, not trying to influence it."

"Only 11% of the population are 'very interested' in the jubilee according to YouGov, and only 14% are planning to do anything to mark the event. 54% are not interested."

"Yet if you watch the BBC you'd be forgiven for thinking the whole country is celebrating. The BBC has said as much time and again in their reporting."

"The BBC website has more than 200 stories about the jubilee, and only one mentions republican opposition."

"Coverage on BBC Breakfast has been particularly pathetic, making no attempt to provide balanced coverage. The BBC is there to report major events, not join in."

"Recent polls also show a sharp drop in support for the monarchy and a jump in support for abolition, yet the BBC has completely ignored this significant shift in public opinion."

"When Turness was appointed earlier this year she said there 'has never been a greater need for the BBC's powerful brand of impartial, trusted journalism'. Unfortunately that trust is called into question when it comes to the monarchy."

"We have raised these questions time and again, not least during the last jubilee. Ten years ago the BBC said they would achieve balance 'over time'. Well, we're still waiting."


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