Anti-monarchy campaign Republic will be writing to James Harding, the BBC's head of news and current affairs, to seek clarification on why a documentary about Charles has been postponed. The group has called on the BBC to stand up to royal pressure over the planned documentary and broadcast it without delay. 

The documentary, Reinventing the Royals, has been postponed due to an intervention from palace lawyers.  Republic is concerned that privileged treatment is being given to the royals that would be unheard of if the documentary were about any other public figure.

Republic's spokesperson Graham Smith, said today:

"The decision to delay broadcast of this documentary looks like undue pressure and interference that would not be tolerated if it were from Cameron or Miliband.  At best the BBC might make a quick edit to avoid libelling someone - but delaying the broadcast so it can discuss the content of a documentary with its principal subject is unacceptable." 

"The BBC has a responsibility to the public to show no fear or favour in its reporting.  Prince Charles is in line to be Britain's head of state - he must be subjected to the same standards of media scrutiny as any politician."

"The BBC cannot be negotiating its news coverage with the royals.  If there is a story of public interest Charles needs to be told to back off and let the broadcaster do its job without fear or favour."

"We have been told in the past that programmes have been cancelled by broadcasters following royal pressure.  This has to stop." 

"We are also concerned by the suggestion that there are issues with getting clearance for some archive footage featuring members of the royal family.  We understand that footage is in the BBC's archives and so question why the BBC is seeking permission from the royals for its use."

"We know there is a blacklist of footage of the royals which editors are not allowed to use in reports.  That is an unacceptable practice that must stop."

"The BBC and other broadcasters are far too deferential to the royals. It's time they began to treat them in the same way they treat politicians and other public officials."