Challenge the BBC's royal coverage

There are many complaints made about BBC bias, some are valid, others aren't. But by far the worst case of bias is in the BBC's royal coverage.

In the face of recent criticisms the BBC has said it always aims for balance and impartiality, yet with royal coverage it aims for neither.

The BBC:

  • mostly ignores republican sentiment
  • misleads the public about the nature and benefits or criticisms of the monarchy
  • misleads the public about the state of public opinion
  • promotes major royal events
  • covers royal stories in a largely uncritical tone
  • reports a huge amount of trivia that should be left to magazines and tabloids
  • gives the impression the country will be celebrating the coronation when only a minority will.

Take action, now and whenever you see appalling BBC coverage

Use the BBC Complaint Form to complain about any royal coverage you see on TV or online or hear on the radio, which you think is biased toward the monarchy.

The BBC has to report on the number of complaints it gets, so ensure you complain whenever you see an example of their poor reporting or coverage.

Complain if they:

  • fail to include opposition voices when dealing with criticisms
  • fails to represent the complex and diverse range of views on the issue
  • appear to repeat royal spin without any critical reflection
  • appear to celebrate the monarchy or the coronation
  • suggest the country is/will be celebrating the coronation
  • do or say anything that misleads the public, promotes the monarchy or diminishes or dismisses opposition


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