Anti monarchy protesters who were arrested at the coronation a year ago will be gathering on Trafalgar Square on May 5.
Campaign group Republic is staging a Republic Day rally on the square. As well as music, art and speeches the 'Republic 8' who were arrested will be on the square to mark the first anniversary of their unlawful detention.
All eight - five Republic staff and three volunteers - will be available to talk  to journalists before and during the event.
At 7am on the morning of the coronation, six of the Republic team were arrested for the offence of going equipped to lock on. Two activists were later arrested on the Mall.
All eight of those arrested were later told no further action would be taken. Legal action against the Met police is ongoing.
The day after the coronation Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, issued this statement, in which he said: "These arrests are a direct attack on our democracy and the fundamental rights of every person in the country. Each and every police officer involved on the ground should hang their heads in shame."
Today Graham Smith said:
"Republic Day marks a moment that changed the anti-monarchy movement. It will also be an opportunity to showcase the positive vision for the country."
"The coronation was an expensive waste of time, a vanity parade for our head of state. At an estimated cost of £250million it served no purpose but to entertain a minority of people."
"Support for the monarchy is falling, as low as 45% in some polls. Since the coronation Republic has grown stronger and louder. As promised after the arrests, we have continued to protest - at the Edinburgh coronation, the State Opening of Parliament, even inside Buckingham Palace."
"The personal impact of the arrests on those involved has been considerable. We are still waiting to hear a full apology and acknowledgement from the Met that they got it wrong, that they had no grounds to arrest any of us."
"We will be on Trafalgar Square for Republic Day on May 5, partly to celebrate the growing movement, partly to send a clear signal that we will not be deterred, we will continue to campaign for a better, fairer democracy."
Images of Republic's protests over the past eighteen months can be found here:
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