Campaign group Republic has called for open and free debate on the accession of Charles and the future of the monarchy.

Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, said today:

"We all understand that people will want to mourn the death of the Queen, yet at the same time Charles has taken the job of head of state without debate or consent. That's a political act which millions of people object to."

"We don't expect republican voices to be heard in coverage of the Queen's death, but coverage of Charles's accession is a very different matter."

"We are also deeply concerned to see people being arrested for peaceful protest. The police, media and politicians all need to understand that the accession is a contentious event and people have the right to speak up and be heard."

"Support for the monarchy has fallen sharply over recent years, from 75% to 60%, with more than one in four people wanting it abolished. Many millions more simply have no strong opinion on the issue, but none of this complexity of opinion is being reflected in the coverage."