Campaigners are to hold a Republic Day rally on Trafalgar Square on Sunday May 5, to celebrate the growing movement and mark the first anniversary of the coronation and the unlawful arrest of protesters.

The ambitious event will feature a 15ft tall dinosaur puppet wearing a crown and representing the soon-to-be-extinct monarchy. The dinosaur, nick-named Chuck the Rex, will stand as high as a double decker bus and move around the square, a towering reminder of the absurdity of a monarchy in a modern democracy.

The rally will feature a stage and big screen and will include music, speeches and poetry including Tea with the Queen by Benjamin Zephaniah read by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

Speakers include former government minister Norman Baker, activists Peter Tatchell, Femi Nylander and Kelechi Okafor and Republic's CEO Graham Smith with more to be announced.

The band Mobius Loop will be launching their new song Not My King and there will be rousing contributions from Culture Matters, a cooperative of artists who have compiled an anthology of anti-monarchy work.

The rally will also showcase the movement's positive vision, using the slogan 'Change the Country for Good'.

Republican allies from across the UK, Europe and the Commonwealth will be represented at the event, including Cymru Republic, Our Republic from Scotland and Labour for Republic, member organisations of the Alliance of European Republican Movements and more.

Speaking today, Graham Smith of Republic said:

"Britain has never seen such an energised, active and growing democratic republican movement. The coronation protests have galvanised the movement, the arrests angered the public and the accession of Charles has left the population underwhelmed."

"Polls are showing falling support for the monarchy. Fewer than half the population have a positive view of Charles and support falls even further among those under fifty."

"I'm really excited about this ambitious plan for Republic Day. It will be the first of a new annual event that will showcase the positive vision for a fairer, more democratic Britain. It will also highlight the growing movement and the failing monarchy."

"The monarchy is a dinosaur, a fossilised relic that belongs in a museum. We need a re-vitalised democracy that celebrates democratic values, not a corrupt and secretive monarchy that celebrates nepotism and elitism."

Hundreds of republicans are expected to be on Trafalgar Square. The event is also designed to draw in the general public, to encourage people to take a fresh look at the issue and the movement.

Republic has kept the promise it made following the arrests last year, in protesting at a string of royal events, as well as inside Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle and at the gates of the Sandringham estate.

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