Campaign group Republic is expecting a few hundred protesters to turn up opposite parliament on Tuesday for the state opening. This is the first anti-monarchy protest in London since the unlawful arrests at the coronation in May.

The message of the protest is simple: our campaign is about more than the monarch, it's about the place of the Crown in parliament and the ramshackle state of our constitution.

Speaking for Republic Graham Smith said:

"Our parliament is opened by a king wearing a crown while sitting in the Lords. It is just weird we continue with this pantomime that celebrates the worst, least democratic aspects of our political system."

"Republic continues to enjoy unprecedented growth since the coronation. Our continued programme of protests serves to remind people of the need for a democratic alternative to the monarchy."

"The monarchy is wrong in principle, corrupt and secretive in practice and bad for British politics. It's time it went, and polling shows an increasing number of people agree."

Protesters will be there from 8:30am onwards and Charles is expected to arrive around 11-11:30am.