Today's accession of the new Danish king has prompted a renewal of the Danish republican movement, who have taken on the chant of Ikke Min Konge, Not My King.

Mads Rundstrøm of Danish group Republik Nu told the Guardian earlier: "This is the perfect time for us as a nation to take a break and say, ‘Hey, is this what we really want?’ To reflect on what direction we want the country to go in,” he said. “The proclamation of a new king is a perfect way to shine a spotlight. Just like they did in the UK with [the chants] ‘Not my king’."

While the Danish monarchy retains high levels of support, republicans there are looking for a repeat of the experience in other monarchies, where support is dropping rapidly.

Norwegian polls recently showed a drop in support for the monarchy from 80% to 66%, the Dutch monarchy has dropped at least 30 points to 50% while a recent Savanta poll in the UK shows support for the British monarchy has fallen to 48%. In Spain there is already a majority in favour of a republic.

Republican movements from all major European countries with monarchies are part of the Alliance of European Republican Movements (AERM), launched in Stockholm in 2010.

Graham Smith, CEO of Republic and current chair of the AERM, said today:

"The new Danish king should enjoy the cheers from the crowds in Copenhagen, because if the experience elsewhere is any guide, support for the Danish monarchy will fall."

"People are increasingly aware of the absurdity of monarchy, the corruption of monarchy and issues of historical and social justice that implicate monarchy. That is true here in the UK and around Europe and the Commonwealth."

"The Savanta poll that came out on Monday is a body blow to the British royals, as are polls showing the country wants the police to investigate Andrew, and Charles to speak up on the scandal."

"But monarchy doesn't do accountability, honesty or openness, so these open wounds will continue to drive down support. In Denmark the new monarch is relatively unscathed by scandal, but their monarchy is nevertheless guilty of abusing the public purse."

"The Dutch royals seem to believe the law doesn't apply to them, while the Spanish monarch is only there because his dad quit and fled the country in disgrace."

"There will be a monarchy-free Europe, and the UK is leading the charge. It's now a matter of when, not if, Britain becomes a republic."

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