Campaigners have called on journalists to rubbish the claim that more than 5bn - or even 1bn - people watched the Queen's funeral on Monday.

Republic has pointed out that similar claims made about the royal wedding in 2011 were easily debunked, and that the numbers make no more sense in 2022.

Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, said today:

"It's really important we have a serious, informed debate about the monarchy. That's not helped if broadcasters and journalists repeat this kind of nonsense."

"This figure of 4-5bn is without any evidence and defies reality. It would mean more than half the planet watched the funeral, while less than half the UK did."

Two reports debunking the wedding claim are:

"While accurate numbers are impossible, some basic arithmetic and a look at available evidence shows that the global audience was likely to be below 500m, certainly less than a billion."

"Olympic opening ceremonies and other major events attract similar figures, British royalty is not exceptional in its international draw."

"These nonsense figures need to be nipped in the bud and journalists need to debunk them if we're to have any hope of an honest and informed debate about the monarchy."