Royal Secrets Appeal

£4,544.00 raised so far. Help us get to £30,000.00

The royals are secretive. Very secretive.

That's not ok in a modern democracy.

Support Republic’s Royal Secrets fund and help us turbo-charge the republican campaign.

Now is the time to demand change.

The royals are exempt from Freedom of Information laws. That's not ok. The royals can lobby government ministers in secret. That's not ok. The royals can hide their unique tax arrangements and how they spend public money. That's not ok. The royals hide official documents away in the royal archive. That's not ok. The royals refuse to publish their wills. That's not ok.

We're demanding:

  1. Including the monarchy in the scope of the Freedom of Information Act;
  2. Scrapping the exemption from freedom of information for letters and emails between royals and government;
  3. An opening up of royal archives;
  4. The publication of royal wills.

Donate so we can turn these demands into action.

Protests, lobbying, media and more

Our message is simple: It's time to end royal secrecy.

The monarchy should be held to the same standards as any other public authority. There is no excuse for secrecy, and in a democracy citizens have a right to know what those in power are up to.

Opinion is changing

Over the last five years support for the monarchy has fallen from 75% to 45%. A third of the country want the monarchy abolished. Most people under 35 want the monarchy abolished and support for the monarchy in Scotland has dropped below 50%. 

The Queen was the monarchy. The monarchy was the Queen. With Charles on the throne all bets are off when it comes to the future of the royals. 

Now is the time to turbo-charge the campaign - but we can't do that without your help.

End the secrecy - end the monarchy

The monarchy thrives on secrecy. They mislead the public about their costs, they refuse to tell us what they're saying to ministers in private, and we have no idea what impact the royals have on government decisions.

The royals avoid inheritance tax and their wills are kept secret for decades, while everyone else's must be published. Documents about Prince Andrew's role as trade ambassador are sealed and won't be released for decades. Hundreds of official documents are hidden away from public view in the 'family' royal archive in Windsor Castle.

There's a reason royals keep secrets - they don't want us to see what they're up, what they're demanding and what they're hiding.

What we spend your money on

Your money is spent on front-line campaigning, including:

  • More stunts and protests
  • Research and media work
  • Lobbying of MPs
  • Galvanising volunteers and activists around the UK
  • Social media advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Other kit and resources for protests and events
  • Supporting local events and ambassadors

With your support republicans across the country can talk to people about royal secrecy and corruption, driving up support from a third to more than half the population.

Republic isn't bankrolled by multi-millionaires, we rely entirely on people like you, people who join and who donate to appeals like this one. 

We're ready to throw everything at this. Are you?

The royal secrets campaign will include:

  • Events up and down the country, led by local people
  • Turbo-charged social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok
  • Media briefings and collaboration with academics and journalists
  • Lobbying of politicians, calling on them to engage with this issue
  • A direct challenge to the royals - let's ask them what they've got to hide.

Together, we can become a powerful voice.


Let's go.

£4,544.00 raised so far. Help us get to £30,000.00

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