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£17,390.00 raised so far. Help us get to £30,000.00

2023 was the year everything changed. The republican movement has never been stronger. Let's make 2024 another great year.

As a mark of that growth in the campaign and changing attitudes to the monarchy, May 5th this year will be the first national Republic Day, featuring a major event in Trafalgar Square. This will be the first anniversary weekend of the coronation, the arrests and a moment that shifted the debate about the monarchy's future.


We have momentum, polls are shifting and the monarchy is looking increasingly irrelevant. Republic has grown rapidly over the past twelve months - but the real work starts here. 

Help make 2024 another great year for the campaign - donate £30, or whatever you can afford, so we can hit that £30,000 target.

There's more to be done

Polls are shifting, attitudes are changing and success now feels very possible. But it's never inevitable - it needs more work, more campaigning. 2024 will be a time to grow louder and stronger, to spread our positive message to an even bigger audience.

That's why, on the May 5th, we'll be taking to Trafalgar Square again with Republic Day - a celebration of republicanism, a protest for democracy, open to everyone.

MAY 5TH 2024

Over the next few months the Republic team will be working hard to put together an event that's more than a protest, more than a rally - and to continue to grow the campaign right through 2024. We're going to win this, now is the time to get involved!

Here's what we can do with your support:

  • More media work
  • More protests around the UK
  • Creating more effective social media campaigns
  • Rallying commentators, politicians and celebrities to our cause
  • Getting our European republican allies involved in raising the level of debate
  • More billboards and online advertising, making a clear case for a republic
  • And more!

This appeal will help Republic make bigger and bolder plans. 

With your help Republic can do so much more. Thank you!

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