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Republic has a lot of experience making the case for the abolition of the monarchy - and now we want your help as we look at updating our arguments.

We'll only win our campaign with clear and concise points about why a republic matters, why the monarchy is bad for Britain and why we need change.

In 2017 we’re working on developing our arguments - making sure we have the tools to defeat the monarchy.

Throughout the year we'll be setting out our case, and inviting you to have your say, point by point.

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Throughout 2017 we'll be writing up our arguments and posting them here, so you can get involved in shaping the campaign.

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Just 66p for the royals? That's a bargain!

How many times have you heard that one?  The daft claim that the royals cost us hardly anything has become...

Is the monarchy corrupt?

If corruption is the abuse of public office for personal gain, then can we really say the monarchy isn’t corrupt...

President Blair? Unlikely.

Sometimes people say to us: “but who would be president?”  They worry it will only be ex-prime...

“The Commonwealth can’t survive without the Queen!” Really?

Has anyone ever told you we can’t possibly get rid of the monarchy, “because of the Commonwealth”?...

What about the Lords?

Should the Lords be elected?  Of course!  How can we argue for an elected head of state and leave the House...