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Republic wants to raise £20,000 so we can hold an event near you - your donation will help make that happen!

Public and media reaction to royal stories is starting to change.  Months of bad press is leaving the royals in an increasingly difficult position with even committed monarchists criticising their actions.

That's just one reason why Republic is touring the country this year, giving talks, taking part in debates and hosting screenings of Republic's new documentary The Man Who Shouldn't Be King.

That all costs money!

Donate £35 today - or whatever you can afford - and you'll help us do just that.

With Brexit leaving lots of questions being asked about our political system, we believe the monarchy has to be at the heart of any debate about Britain's future.  With the royals in crisis and the nation divided, now is the time to scrap the monarchy - to build a new political system that we can all unite behind.

The looming succession of King Charles only makes the issue more urgent!

£20,000 for dozens of Town hall meetings

That's why - as well as growing our media and social media presence - Republic has launched a programme of local events right around the country.

These will be small targeted events aimed at reaching new audiences, local and regional media and amplifying our national campaign. The average cost of each event will be about £450.  So your donation can go a long way to bringing an event to a venue near you.

Thousands already raised. Can we do more?

Whether a traditional town hall meeting or a debate in a pub near you, Republic will be finding new and old ways to reach people around the country. Will you get involved and donate today?

Make our message loud and clear

Tell us where you want us to go - and what you want us to say

We don't just want your donation - we want your ideas.  Republic has lots to say about democratic reform, a new constitution and the corruption of the royal household.  But what issues do you want us to focus on when we come to your home town?

When you make a donation you can also nominate a town or city where you want to see Republic hold an event.  Any place that gets 15 or more donations of £15 or above will be added to our list of destinations.

Donate £200 or more and your nominated town or city goes straight onto the list of confirmed locations - guaranteed!

And what do you think is the most pressing issue of the campaign? 

  • Is it changing the constitution? 
  • Royal corruption and abuse of public money? 
  • Royal secrecy? 

Republic isn't bankrolled by millionaire donors, and unlike the royals we can't rely on taxpayers' money.  Instead we rely on you!  And not just for your donations.  When you donate, you can also tell us what issues you'd like tackled at an event near you.

Donate now

Help us raise £10,000 to take this campaign right around the country.

Talks, debates, screenings and more, from Inverness to Truro, Aberystwyth to Newcastle.  Wherever you are, we'll bring Republic to you - with your help.

Each local event will be aimed at the whole local population, as well as at regional and national media.  And with the promised Republic film close to completion these events will be a great opportunity to organise screenings up and down the country.

Each event gives us an opportunity to reach an ever wider audience - which means you have the opportunity to have a direct impact on the campaign.

Your local event could feature

  • a talk by someone from Republic or a guest speaker
  • a film screening followed by discussion
  • debates on key topics
  • panel discussions
  • and more...

Once we've confirmed each location we'll be asking for your input into the kind of event, the issues we focus on and how it's organised.

Donate now

The difference you'll make

For each event we will target local and regional media, promote the event through local listings and get more people finding out about the event.

On the night it may be just 10 people, it could be 50 - but the event will reach a much wider audience than those who come along.

By raising £10,000 we'll have the funds to hold more than 20 events around the country.  That's going to reach hundreds of thousands of people through local and regional media, word of mouth and people coming along on event nights.

That's hundreds of thousands of people hearing about why the monarchy must go - finding out about the abuse of power, the power the Crown gives government ministers and why a republic is a major step toward solving many of our political woes.

Donate today

£450 per event

A budget of £450 is set for each event, so some locations that are easier and cheaper to get to will subsidise others - that means we can reach all corners of the UK.

So if we raise £10,000 that's more than 20 events nationwide.

And here's our pledge to you: Any location getting 15 or more donations of at least £15 each will host a Republic event.  That's our promise.*

Donate £200 or more and your nominated town or city is guaranteed a event.

So get involved - Donate today. 

Donate now

It's not just about donating.

Our campaign needs donations - but if you want to do more, or if you can't make a financial contribution there will be other things you can do.  Watch this space!

*Our pledge to hold an event in any given place is subject to it being a reasonable and sensible location, in terms of population density, distance and so on.  We will make every effort to visit every town and city nominated.  Oh, and we've already got Towny McTownFace on the list, so no need to nominate that one!


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