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Minor royals should lose public funding: Republic

As Buckingham palace prepares to publish its annual finance report, campaign group Republic has called on MPs to follow the Danish example and cut all minor royals from public funding.

The Queen is impotent amid Brexit chaos: Republic

The Brexit aftermath has exposed the Queen as an impotent head of state, campaigners have claimed today.

Graham Smith, CEO of campaign group Republic said today:

Royal family funding: Know the facts.

Next Tuesday Buckingham Palace and Clarence House publish their annual accounts.

Royal funding gets very confusing thanks to spin and claims by the royals and their supporters.  Here are a few facts to remember:

Queen's birthday leaves republicans in bullish mood.

The growing republican campaign is in good health and continues to grow. That's the message from Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, on the eve of the final stage of the Queen's birthday celebrations.

Inquiry needed into Prince Andrew revelations: Republic

Campaigners have called for an inquiry into Prince Andrew's business affairs after revelations about private deals that pocketed him £4m.

Queen's birthday coverage "out of touch with reality"

Campaign group Republic has criticised the BBC for its coverage of the Queen's birthday, saying it is out of touch with reality, public sentiment and their own obligations to impartiality.

Graham Smith, the campaign group's CEO, said today:

Anti-monarchy campaign 'stronger than ever' as Queen turns 90

Britain needs a serious debate about our head of state as we fast approach the succession of King Charles.  That's the message from a republican movement that is feeling bullish about its prospects over the next decade.

Prince Andrew reported to police for criminal damage

Prince Andrew has been reported to the police for criminal damage to the gates at Windsor Great Park after the story broke in the Sun newspaper yesterday.

The report was made by Graham Smith, CEO of campaign group Republic.

Graham Smith said today:

EU comments 'show why we need elected head of state': Republic

Reports of the Queen's views on Brexit show why it's so important voters get to choose their head of state, according to campaign group Republic.

Clean for the Queen a 'bad joke' given cuts to street cleaning

Campaign group Republic has branded the Clean for a Queen scheme a 'bad joke' and a 'patronising PR stunt.'

The group has pointed to huge cuts to local street cleaning services while the Queen has received a 38% increase in official funding since 2011.


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