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Prince Harry can always walk away: Republic

Campaigners have today said reluctant royals should stand aside and make way for an effective head of state. 
The comments come after an interview in which Prince Harry claimed no royal wants to be king.

5000 sign petition as MPs take oath to the Queen

Since the weekend 5000 people have joined calls for a new oath for MPs.
MPs have started to take their oaths today, pledging allegiance to the Queen.

The Queen is no use in hung parliament deadlock: Republic

The Queen is unable to perform an effective, independent role as head of state during the current political crisis, campaigners have warned.

Campaign launched to ditch MPs' oath to the Queen: Republic

Since this morning more than 1500 people have joined calls for a new oath for MPs following this election.
As the country goes to the polls a new campaign is calling for MPs to swear allegiance to the people, not the Queen.

Inquiry needed into royal lobbying: Republic

Campaigners have renewed calls for a full inquiry into lobbying and political interference by members of the royal family.
The call follows fresh revelations about Prince Charles and Prince William over the past 24 hours.

Royal archives need to open up and reveal official secrets: Republic

Royal archives should be opened up to reveal millions of official secrets, according to a new campaign to be launched this weekend.

Honours system needs to be radically reformed following revelations: Republic

Campaign group Republic has renewed its call for the honours system to be radically reformed.  The call follows revelations in the press that a company is charging people thousands of pounds to work the system in favour of their clients.

Queen's Trump embarrassment shows monarch's irrelevance: Republic

The planned Trump state visit has highlighted the irrelevance and impotence of Britain's own head of state, campaigners have said today.

Post-Brexit Britain needs a new constitution: Republic

The British constitution is in danger of facing a collapse in confidence, campaigners have said.
Pro-democracy campaign group Republic has said post-Brexit Britain urgently needs a new constitution, one which makes clear the role of parliament and referendums.

Queen’s funding increase an “absolute disgrace”: Republic

Anti-monarchy campaigners have called for the Queen’s official funding grant to be scrapped and Buckingham palace handed back to the people.


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