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BBC royal wedding licence fee decision is 'appalling'

Campaigners have accused the BBC of an appalling waste of licence fee money today, after the broadcaster announced waiving the fee for anyone holding a royal wedding event.

BBC royal coverage must be 'fair and balanced' as petition attracts thousands

A petition launched last night - which has already attracted nearly 3,000 signatures - is calling on the BBC to make their royal coverage 'fair, balanced and proportionate'.

Royal nepotism is no better than Trump nepotism

Campaigners have criticised the Queen’s call for her son to be awarded the role of Commonwealth head, calling it out as nepotism and an abuse of public office.
Graham Smith of campaign group Republic said today:

Royal wedding protest reassurance sought from police

Campaigners have written to the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police, Francis Habgood, asking for reassurances that the police will not obstruct peaceful protests on the day of the royal wedding.

MP is right, Charles isn't fit for Commonwealth role

Campaigners have backed Labour MP Kate Osamor's claims that Prince Charles should not head the Commonwealth.
The MP said this week that Charles is not regarded as 'level headed' or 'someone people respect'.
Graham Smith of campaign group Republic said today:

Queen's Nobel prize proposal 'absurd and offensive'

Graham Smith of campaign group Republic has branded proposals to nominate the Queen for a Nobel Peace Prize 'absurd and offensive'.
He said today:

Crossing the Prince of Wales isn't a great idea

Campaigners have challenged the government to reverse a decision to rename the Second Severn Crossing the Prince of Wales bridge, claiming it is a cynical attempt to lay the groundwork for King Charles.

Monarchy-free Europe conference to be held on day of royal wedding

Campaigners from across Europe will be meeting in central London on May 19, the day of the royal wedding, to discuss plans for a monarchy-free Europe.

Royal secrecy laws need to change in Australia and UK

Campaigners have expressed concern at today's Australian court ruling that will keep official correspondence from the Queen secret.  The campaign group Republic has called royal secrecy an 'obstacle to the truth'.


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