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Royals 'no good for economy' campaigners claim

As Buckingham Palace prepares to release its annual accounts, campaigners have rejected claims the monarchy earns money for the UK economy.

MP's call for royals to move out 'absolutely right' say campaigners

Calls by Labour MP Emma Dent Coad for the royals to move out of Buckingham Palace are 'spot on' according to campaign group Republic.  The group has said taxpayers need to 'take back control' of royal palaces and open them up as major tourist sites.

EXCLUSIVE: NO royal tourism evidence found by VisitBritain

Tourism agency VisitBritain has failed to provide any evidence that the monarchy is good for tourism.  

BBC and Channel 4 news blasted over royal coverage

BBC and Channel 4 News have been heavily criticised for inept and distorted coverage of the royal wedding and monarchy.

Royal wedding petition to be handed to MPs on Wednesday

A 32,000-strong petition against taxpayers' money being spent on the royal wedding will be handed to MPs early Wednesday evening.
The petition, organised by campaign group Republic, shows strong opposition to public money being spent on Saturday's wedding. 

Rebellious Scots don't 'like the Queen', don't care about wedding: Poll

A YouGov poll out this week shows the Scottish are the least likely to like the Queen or care about the future of the monarchy.
Key findings in Scotland include:

International anti-monarchy gathering this weekend

Republican campaigners from around Europe and the Commonwealth will be gathering in London this Saturday, to plan a monarchy-free future.
Speakers will include MPs Emma Dent Coad and Tommy Sheppard.

Shock poll: Royal love affair is over

A YouGov poll published today shows the public's love affair with the Royal Family is at an end.  The results give a clear picture of widespread disinterest in the Royals and a lack of enthusiasm for Saturday's royal wedding.

Lack of royal wedding interest 'no surprise'

Campaign group Republic has said it's not surprised about the lack of public interest in the forthcoming royal wedding.

Labour and SNP MPs to speak at anti-monarchy conference on wedding day

Anti-monarchy campaigners from around Europe will be gathering in London on the day of the royal wedding, where they'll be joined by Labour and SNP MPs Emma Dent Coad and Tommy Sheppard.


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