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Will you be protesting at the pageant?

On 3rd June 2012 Republic will hold a major protest against the monarchy at the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. With thousands of republicans expected to attend, this will be the biggest and boldest anti-monarchy protest in modern times.

An honours system without honour

Republic's board of directors has recently agreed a revised position on the honours system, which continues to state our objection not just to the language of empire but also to the way the whole system has been corrupted.

Veto betrays Charles's "utter contempt for the British people"

Ministers have been forced to seek permission from Prince Charles to pass at least a dozen government bills, according to a Guardian investigation. As Republic's campaign manager Graham Smith told journ

Activist Meetings in Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and Norwich

As we gear up for the jubilee campaign more activist meetings are being organised across the country.

1m cost of royal equerries an insult to our armed forces

Republic has called on the Ministry of Defence to stop providing equerries to the royal family after the Evening Standard revealed the secondments cost

Government must come clean on Prince's lobbying

Republic has called for the publication of all contact between ministers and Prince Charles, or those representing his interests, after an investigation by The Guardian revealed that a number of his

The royal finance stitch-up

We're asking you to send an urgent email to your MP, calling on them to oppose plans to change royal funding arrangements.

Prince Charles still up to his neck in political meddling

A report in today's Mail on Sunday shows that Charles Windsor continues his political lobbying unabated. He is regularly summoning ministers of our elected government to Clarence House to lobby on a variety of highly controversial political issues, including health and the environment.

Palace finance reports due out this week

Keep an eye for more spin from the palace this week when the Queen's own PR men will try and convince the nation the monarchy only costs a few pence per person.

Palace protest to go ahead despite royal parks' decision

On Saturday June 25 Republic will be staging a protest outside Buckingham palace to challenge the continuing scandal of royal spending, despite the Royal Parks agency banning the demo.


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