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Republic accuses government of royal cover-up, announces new campaign for FOI reform

Republic has today accused the government of a cover up after agreeing to veto a Freedom of Information request for access to prince Charles's lobbying.

Queen must keep out of politics: Republic

Republic has today called on the Queen to keep out of politics and has criticised her comments on Britain's extradition laws as a cynical PR ploy.

Campaign to abolish Duchy of Cornwall to be launched in Truro

The campaign group Republic will be hosting a meeting in Truro on September 29 to launch a campaign for the abolition of the Duchy of Cornwall. The campaign is one of three projects aimed at curtailing Prince Charles's influence and political meddling.

Honours must come from the people, not royalty

The republican campaign group Republic has welcomed the Public Administration Select Committee's call for reform of the honours system - including an end to awards for "doing the day job" - but has strongly rejected its recommendation that the monarch should play a greater role.

Stop the double standards - media must treat royals like all other public servants

Republican campaign group Republic has responded to The Sun's decision to publish photographs of Prince Harry by calling for an end to media "double standards" concerning the royals.

Republic's chief executive Graham Smith said:

Republic slams "morally repugnant" royal spending

Republic has slammed the details of royal spending revealed by today's official royal finance reports, describing the monarchy as “one of the most profligate institutions in the world”.

New research: Taxpayers spend over 30 times more on Prince Edward than a soldier in Afghanistan

New research by campaign group Republic has revealed that the government spends over 30 times more on a working member of the royal family than it does on a soldier serving in Afghanistan.

'Something-for-nothing' royal culture must end as Prince Charles travel spending doubles over two years

Republic has today repeated previous calls for an urgent review of royal finances after it was revealed Prince Charles's travel costs have doubled over the past two years. Charles continues to pay considerably less tax than might be expected, just £4m from an income of over £18m.

Pass the Duchy: New campaign launched calling for abolition of Duchy of Cornwall

A new campaign calling for the Duchy of Cornwall to be abolished and for the landed estate to brought fully under public ownership was launched today by Republic, the anti-monarchy pressure group.

Poll: Public calls on Queen to reveal tax details

A new YouGov poll has revealed that a clear majority of Britons back Republic's call for the Queen to reveal her tax details. 52% thought the Queen should have to publish her tax returns, while just 36% opposed the idea.


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