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Palace spin on royal finances needs to stop: Republic

Campaign group Republic has called on Buckingham palace to break with tradition and stop their dishonest spin around the royal finances.

Cost of monarchy report published: £300m lost to taxpayer last year

Campaign group Republic has published its fully revised report on royal finances, "Worth Every Penny?", detailing the hidden costs that include Duchy income, costs met by local councils and the sovereign support grant.

Independent Scotland must be given chance to choose head of state: Republic

The draft Scottish constitution needs to offer Scotland the chance to choose their head of state according to campaign group Republic.

Yes or No: Republican conference set for Edinburgh, July 12

Yes or No, the Monarchy Must GO!  That's the simple message from the annual conference of the anti-monarchy campaign group Republic, set to be held in Edinburgh on July 12.

Spanish succession must be democratic: Republic

Anti-monarchy group Republic has called on Spain to allow a democratic decision on their next head of state.  The call follows the news that King Juan Carlos is to abdicate.

"Monarchy-free Europe" is aim of alliance meeting in Oslo next week

The Alliance of European Republican Movements (AERM) is holding its annual convention in Oslo next week, from 4-6 April.

The AERM, which is made up of national campaign organisations, will be focussing on sharing strategies and discussing recent developments around Europe.

Charles letters ruling welcomed - law must now be changed: Republic

Campaign group Republic has welcomed the court ruling today that the government must release letters written by Prince Charles.  The group has also said the ruling highlights the need for a change in the law so all of Charles's political lobbying can be scrutinised and challenged in the future.

MPs miss the point over royal funding

MPs on the Commons Public Accounts Committee have missed two key issues in their report on royal funding, according to campaign group Republic.

The group has pointed out today that the real annual bill for the monarchy is well over £200m, when a host of hidden costs are included.

Republic claims victory over Duchy, calls for Charles to come clean on tax

Campaign group Republic has welcomed calls by the Commons public accounts committee for the Duchy of Cornwall to be investigated over its tax arrangements, claiming a win in its campaign against the royals.

The political prince can always step aside, says Republic

Republic has today responded to reports of Prince Charles’s apparent concerns about becoming monarch. An article in Time magazine suggests Charles wants to ‘gets as much done as possible’ before his activities are curtailed by ascending to the throne.


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