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New royal secrets campaign calls for financial interest disclosure from Prince Charles

A new campaign to end royal secrecy has called on Prince Charles to be subjected to the same financial interest disclosure rules as MPs.

The call follows repeated revelations that Charles routinely seeks to lobby and influence government ministers behind closed doors.

Greens republican stance 'breath of fresh air' in reform debate

Campaign group Republic has welcomed the honesty of Greens leader Natalie Bennett over her party's position on the monarchy.

Republic's CEO Graham Smith said today:

Saudi King reaction from Charles and Queen 'a disgrace'

Campaign group Republic has condemned the decision to fly the union flag at half mast and for Prince Charles to visit Saudi Arabia following the death of King Abdullah.

The group has called on the royals to 'come clean' over their cosy relationship with the Saudi dictatorship.

Prince Charles must condemn Saudi flogging, say campaigners

Campaign group Republic has today called on Prince Charles to condemn the flogging of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi and distance himself from the Saudi royals.

Prince Andrew affair: Government needs to come clean over what it knows and what it's done

Campaign group Republic has called on the government to allow a full parliamentary debate on the Prince Andrew scandal and to come clean over its own involvement in the affair.

BBC must stand up to royal pressure over documentary: Republic

Anti-monarchy campaign Republic will be writing to James Harding, the BBC's head of news and current affairs, to seek clarification on why a documentary about Charles has been postponed

Parliament must censure Queen over referendum interference

Campaign group Republic has called on parliament to reprimand the Queen for making a direct intervention in the Scottish referendum.  

Royal overseas junkets must come to an end: Republic

Following news of Prince William's planned trip to East Asia campaign group Republic has called on the government to stop sending royals abroad.

Prince Charles, Guardian court case shows law must change: Republic

Campaign group Republic has called on all Westminster parties to agree a change to freedom of information laws.  The call comes in light on a protracted legal case between the Guardian and the government over access to Prince Charles's letters to ministers.

Charles will bring down monarchy if he speaks out: Republic

Campaign group Republic has this evening warned that Prince Charles will bring down the monarchy, if reports in the Guardian are to be believed.


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