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Scandalous Sovereign Grant must be scrapped: Republic

The latest finance report from the royal family is a stark reminder that the Sovereign Grant must be scrapped. That's according to campaign group Republic.

The Queen has questions to answer over Australian dismissal

Campaigners in the UK have welcomed the release of the palace letters in Australia.

The letters show that the Queen was aware of what was happening in Australia and knew the Governor General was considering dismissing the prime minister.

Royal tourism claim 'complete fiction' say campaigners

The widespread belief that the monarchy is good for tourism is the 'original fake news' and 'complete fiction' according to campaigners. The comments follow Meghan Markle's claim her wedding generated £1bn for UK tourism, a claim that has already been challenged by leading experts.

Royal slaver statues must be part of wider review

Campaigners have written to Sadiq Khan asking him not to ignore the legacy of British monarchs when reviewing statues and monuments.

Royals will not be hit by financial losses: Republic

Campaigners have criticised the royal family for suggesting they will be losing millions of pounds of funding due to the coronavirus.

Campaign group Republic has pointed out that while revenue may fall the annual grant paid to the Queen will not.

Majority say Royals should pay for UK trips according to YouGov poll

Most people want the royals to pay for official visits to towns and cities around the UK. That's according to a YouGov poll carried out this week on behalf of campaign group Republic. Half the population (49%) would oppose any royal visit if their local council was paying.

Prince Charles helicopter excuse 'doesn't fly' say campaigners.

Prince Charles's excuse that he flies by helicopter to lecture people on carbon emissions because he's busy is ‘bizarre'.

Monarchy faces huge questions after crass Harry and Meghan statement: Republic

Campaigners have tonight claimed the statement from Harry and Meghan this evening shows the monarchy isn't sustainable in the modern era.

Met police need to act on Prince Andrew accusations, say campaigners.

Campaign group Republic has condemned the apparent impunity of the royal household, saying the Metropolitan Police need to act to ensure Prince Andrew is dealt with like any other citizen.

Royals must face major independent inquiry: Republic

Campaigners have today called for a major independent inquiry into the royal household. The call follows a string of fresh accusations against Prince Andrew which raise serious questions about the judgement of the Queen and Prince Charles.


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