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Republic is recruiting directors and a new treasurer. Could that be you?

Republic is looking for people with proven experience to join our board of directors or become our new treasurer. Could that be you?

BBC responds to royal funding 'reality check'

Following the 8% royal pay-rise announced last month, BBC Reality Check claimed to have checked the facts on the cost of the monarchy in their video Reality Check: What does the Queen cost us?

MPs break convention to swear allegiance to the people

This week MPs have been required to swear allegiance to the Queen, but some chose to show that their allegiance is to the people.

MPs are there to serve the people - their oath should reflect that

Millions of us are heading to the polls today to decide the future of our country - and to choose our MP. For all its flaws, this is a huge exercise in democracy, and one we can all be proud of. Too often we take for granted the power to change government peacefully and democratically.

What do Charles and Trump have in common?

Donald Trump and Prince Charles have one thing in common: they don’t like people seeing their dirty little secrets.

Our cause isn’t just about the Queen, but it is about her too

A couple of days ago, I told you about Republic’s broader vision for a revitalised democracy.  I said our cause isn’t just about the Queen.  And it isn’t.  But it

An honours system without honour

The Mirror has reported that a company is charging clients thousands of pounds to "discreetly help [them] win honours such as OBEs, knighthoods and even peerages."

Case for a republic is about more than the Queen

Did you catch the news yesterday?  It was the 65th anniversary of the Queen becoming Britain’s head of state.  There was a lot of nonsense being talked about ‘our sapphire Queen’, making our head of state sound like a character from the latest Disney production.

"Sapphire Queen" should retire and make way for elected successor

In response to the 65th anniversary of the Queen succeeding her father to the throne, Republic has called on Britain's head of state to step down.

Launch: How to Win the Argument

This week Republic is launching the How to Win the Argument project. We want to know what you think about the arguments we use to challenge the monarchy.


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