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Will you ask your candidates to support the Republic Manifesto?

16 April 2015

Republic has just launched its new 'Ask your candidate' email form, that allows you to send an email to all your local General Election candidates.

Will you ask your candidates to support the Republic Manifesto - a simple set of demands for democratic change?

Find out more and contact your candidates at

If Republic can build political support around key demands we can raise our profile and build support for abolition of the monarchy.

Republic has the support of people from right across the mainstream political spectrum.  Two of the leaders in the recent leaders debate are already on side and have spoken at Republic events in the past: Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood and the Green Party's Natalie Bennett.  

Many other MPs and candidates support the cause - let's be sure we know who they all are, so we can work with them in the new parliament!

The Republic Manifesto

"Abolish the monarchy in favour of a democratic alternative: an elected head of state, a genuinely democratic constitution and an end to Crown powers.

In the meantime:

  • End royal secrecy, so Prince Charles and others can't lobby government ministers and interfere in the political process.  Reform the Freedom of Information Act so the monarchy is fully covered by its provisions.
  • Scrap the royal veto, which allows Prince Charles and the Queen to insist laws are tailored to suit their personal and private interests.  Abolish the ‘Queens and Princes Consent’ rule that allows the royals a role in law-making;
  • Overhaul royal funding, which currently costs £300m a year and is riddled with abuse of public money for private purposes.  Put the monarchy on the same budgetary footing as any other public body, with the Queen on an annual salary.
  • Change the parliamentary oath so when you get elected you can swear allegiance to the people and the country, not the Queen and her family."

Visit and ask your candidates to support the Republic Manifesto - and let us know which of your candidates replies.  Forward any replies you get to

Your support will help us to build a picture of your candidates’ support for a democratic alternative to the monarchy, and will allow us to ask more direct questions to MPs as we gain influence in parliament.

Please remember to forward any replies you receive to so that we can continue to strengthen our campaign.

To contact all your 2015 General Election candidates visit as soon as possible.

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