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What do Charles and Trump have in common?

15 March 2017

Donald Trump and Prince Charles have one thing in common: they don’t like people seeing their dirty little secrets.
One of Trump’s tax returns has been leaked, but there are lots of other questions being asked about his financial affairs and relationships with foreign governments.
For Prince Charles, keeping secrets is a whole lot easier – thanks to the Royal Archives.  Millions of official documents from Charles, the Queen and other royals are sent off to the Royal Archives in Windsor Castle, where they are hidden away from prying eyes.
Because there are lots of important questions we need answers to, Republic has just launched a new Royal Archives campaign, to get those royal secrets opened up.

Will you donate?

We're asking you to donate £35 – or whatever you can afford – so we can crack open the archives and reveal millions of secrets.  It’s quick and easy to donate, just visit
Normally all official records go to the National Archive, where they can be published after 30 years or released under freedom of information laws.  Not so for our head of state or the meddling heir to the throne.

  • How did Charles get hundreds of laws tailored to suit him?
  • How does the Duchy get away with not paying tax?
  • What’s the true extent of Charles’s lobbying and influence?

These are just a few of the questions the public needs answers to.  We’ve got a plan to get the archives opened up, and to raise awareness of the secrets that are being kept secret.

So many secrets

The Royal Archives isn’t a collection of family photos and personal diaries.  It is the official record of Britain’s monarchy.
Historians and researchers have dubbed the royals “more secretive than MI5 or the CIA”.  Which begs the question, what have they got to hide?

  • Why did the royals send an aide to Germany in 1945 to recover and destroy official records?
  • How much influence has the Queen had on government policy?
  • Did the Queen threaten to leave Buckingham Palace over plans to reform the monarchy?
  • What deal did John Major make with the Queen over tax and funding?

That’s why I want you to donate at  So we can get answers and reveal their secrets.

Your donation will help this campaign

Here’s what we’re going to do with your money:

  • Put together an investigations team, to dig into royal secrets.  We want to piece together what we know we don’t know.
  • Investigate possible legal action against the holding of documents in the Royal Archives.
  • Bring together allies, academics, researchers and other campaigners, to create a louder call for access to royal secrets.
  • Creation of a new dedicated website to act as a focal point for the campaign.
  • Write a new report that will be sent to journalists and politicians.

The media are already showing interest in this campaign.  And so are lots of potential allies.  Even those who support the monarchy agree with us on this.
It’s quick and easy to donate online – so I’m asking you to donate £35 to make this campaign a success.
You can make your donation at

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