Want to help sign up hundreds of new supporters?

15 August 2017

Republic is launching a new push to get hundreds of new supporters signed up to the campaign.  We've been busy getting people signing up online – over 4,500 in the last two months alone - and we're asking if you’ll get involved and sign people up locally!

We're asking all local campaigners and coordinators to focus on collecting names and emails, using the enclosed forms, and sending them into us.  Will you help?

How it works

Local campaigning can be pretty simple and small-scale.  It only takes two or three people to get out on the high street and sign people up, or to set up a stall at a fete or festival.

You can use Republic's leaflets to tell people more about the monarchy and the campaign to get rid of it, and get those who agree to sign up on the forms we provide.

Then, after each time you’ve been out with your clipboard and getting names on the form, send us the names and emails you’ve collected.  The forms are all compliant with the Data Protection Act and all the data is collected on Republic’s behalf.

How to get involved

Just get in touch!  Email us at local@republic.org.uk and we'll have a chat with you about how to get started and what we can provide in terms of advice and resources. 

When you’re out and about promoting the campaign, Republic's leaflets are a handy way to get the message across.  We can send you a batch of each of the three leaflets we have available:

  • The Monarchy Must Go leaflet gives a big and bold introduction to the campaign.  Hold that up when you’re on the street and people will instantly know what you’re there to talk about.  You’ll be amazed by the response!  We’ve been out with local campaigners in small towns and big cities and we’ve always been pleased to have people come up and talk to us, keen to find out more and support the campaign.
  • The Royal Expenses leaflet is a good talking point – it debunks the spin about the monarchy not costing much and sets out the basic facts about royal spending.  How many people know the Queen’s grant has gone up 145% over the past few years?
  • Royal Secrets is the third of our leaflets – you’d be surprised how many people don’t know how secretive the royals are.  Did you know the royals are completely exempt from freedom of information laws?

These leaflets help you talk to people in the street and at fetes, fairs and festivals – and to get them signing up.  They’re designed to give Republic a clear message, highlight key issues and present a serious, credible campaign.

The leaflets also prompt people to visit the website for more information, to join, donate and sign up.

What do we do with the names?

Signing people up for free is a great way for Republic to reach a bigger audience and a lot more people who support the cause.  We will keep them up to date with the campaign and encourage them to join, donate and get involved.

So, by helping us add thousands more names to our supporter list you will ensure we continue to grow bigger and stronger.  Even if you collect just twenty or so names, that all adds to the effort and means more support for the campaign.

If you’d like to chat about this or get any advice on what to do, or want us to promote what you’re planning, get in touch.  You can email local@republic.org.uk or call the office at 0207 832 5829.


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