Vogue, rogue and prorogue

2 August 2019

The country is facing the biggest constitutional crisis of a generation and the press are focussing on the big issues: Meghan Markle editing an edition of Vogue magazine.

A princess in Vogue.

The fuss says a lot about the snobbery and celebrity culture surrounding the royals.  The deference has been replaced with hollow expectations of "royalness" from the tabloid press.  

No royal should use their platform to push their own agendas, regardless of what their agenda might be.  Markle is hardly the first royal to do so, yet the criticism is particularly fierce.

We can all guess why Meghan Markle gets the lion's share of hostility, the accusations of misogyny, racism and snobbery aren't far off the mark.  Unfortunately the motives behind a lot of the attacks distract the public from legitimate criticisms of the royals.  

The royal family has a unique and protected platform, they are beyond accountability and proper scrutiny.  It's all very well Meghan Markle saying whatever she wants in public, but what about the public money she spends on herself?  What is she and her new family saying in private to the rich and powerful?

The royals are straying into dangerous territory by getting more outspoken on political and social issues, and at a time when the press are more than willing to go on the attack.

Princes gone rogue.

Mind you, the press attacks are often directed at the wrong targets.  Recent news about the ongoing Epstein affair highlights how little scrutiny there is of the royals when the questions are far more serious.

Republic's documentary about Prince Charles, the Duchy and his abuse of power and money is nearing completion. The film yet again shows that celebrity gossip and selective criticism only helps distract from the more serious problems with the royal family.  Why are we worried about royal relationships when they are abusing their power and our money?

Our film will show Charles as a man with reactionary views and an appalling record as a public figure and a landlord.  He is not a man fit to be monarch, any more than the role of monarch is fit for modern Britain.

We're working on the release and distribution, which will include screenings as part of the new Republic Where You Live project, which you can still donate to.

Will the PM prorogue?

The Queen is in trouble. It's ironic that some of her biggest fans are placing her in an impossible position.

Whatever our views on Brexit, we should all be concerned about where the politicians' handling of the issue is taking us.  The threat of proroguing parliament remains in the air, as the government insists it is willing to take Britain out of the EU without any kind of deal.

Last week Republic was telling journalists how the possible suspension of parliament threatens the monarchy.  We told them:

"After all the threats to suspend parliament, if Johnson backs off the question will be: Why? Because he changed his mind or because the Queen quietly told him no?"

"If Johnson does prorogue parliament that can only be done with the Queen's agreement."

"In ordinary times the Queen is expected to do what the prime minister wants, but when the PM is at odds with parliament the Queen has to use her own judgement."

Republic is committed to highlighting the deep flaws in Britain's constitution, and demanding real change so the constitution and the role of head of state is democratic and clear.

This Autumn will see a number of initiatives being launched or get underway, including the film, the events programme and more research into the key issues.

We're a small campaign, but we're determined to keep punching above our weight and getting our message out there.  With the support of thousands of members and regular donations we can do just that.

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