SNP votes to scrap royal funding

13 October 2017

At their annual conference this week, the Scottish National Party backed a plan to scrap public funding of the royal family, arguing that the money should instead be spent on "the wider public good".

The motion was backed by a number of MPs and MSPs and overwhelmingly supported by the conference delegation.

The motion read:

"Conference believes that profits from the Crown Estate, which is a public asset, should be spent on the wider public good.

Conference therefore resolves to support the repeal of the Sovereign Grant Act 2011."

Watch Alison Thewliss MP talk about this issue at the SNP party conference in Glasgow earlier this week:

It's great to see a major party begin to take action on the royal abuse of public money, and it's an opportunity to call on other parties to adopt the same position and begin campaigning in parliament for change.

Write to your MP

Let's build a winning campaign to scrap royal funding.

We're going to end the monarchy — but we can only do that with support from members of parliament and party activists from across the political spectrum.

Only MPs can introduce debates or ask difficult questions about royal funding in parliament — so we need them to take action now.

Writing to your MP, MSP or AM couldn't be simpler, and it's the best way to achieve the change we want.

Visit to quickly email your representatives about this issue — even if you think they'll disagree, they can only take action if they know how you feel about this issue!

What to ask them to do:

  • Ask them if they will support the SNP's motion to repeal the Sovereign Grant Act 2011.
  • Ask them to write to Theresa May and Philip Hammond calling for the Sovereign Grant to be fixed at 0% of Crown Estate profits as an interim measure with the view that the grant will be scrapped.
  • Ask them to call for a full and independent review of royal funding and spending to be carried out and reported to parliament.
  • Ask them if they will follow the SNP's lead and begin cross-party talks on reform of public funding of the monarchy.

Write to your MP

Let us know what they say.

Republic regularly talks to MPs and it would really help us to know how they respond to your email — if your MP supports this change we want to get them on-board!

It’s a really exciting time to be challenging the royals over their abuse of public money — you can make a huge difference in a matter of minutes by writing to your MP today.

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