"Sapphire Queen" should retire and make way for elected successor

6 February 2017

In response to the 65th anniversary of the Queen succeeding her father to the throne, Republic has called on Britain's head of state to step down.
Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, spoke to the Independent yesterday, saying: "it's very reasonable to expect her to step down and retire an then let the people decide who was going to replace her [but] it would completely go against everybody's understanding of her view of the role.  She takes the notion she has some kind of divine right quite seriously.
Criticising the celebration of the anniversary in some parts of the media, Republic has said that our head of state took office without a vote and has held on for 65 years, resisting all scrutiny and accountability.
During 65 years in office our head of state has spent hundreds of millions of public money on herself and her family and she has lobbied successfully for exemption from freedom of information laws and for an improved financial deal from govt.
In 65 years Britain's head of state has said nothing anyone can really remember. She's 'done well' only in that she's survived.  The reality is, 65 years in public office is a cause for concern, not celebration. Her record of silence & secrecy is not something to admire.
How many great and inspiring heads of state could we have had over six decades? Men and women chosen by us, to represent us. The great sweep of history, the huge cultural, social and political changes since 50s, completely passed by our head of state.
The monarchy is a small, grubby, self-serving institution. It is corrupt and secretive. There is one person responsible.