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Queen should hand Buckingham palace back to the nation

23 June 2015

Campaigners have called on the Queen to permanently vacate Buckingham palace after reports that the royals may move out temporarily to allow for repairs.

Campaign group Republic has today said that if the royals can't look after the buildings and raise their own revenue to fund maintenance it's time to give them up.

Republic's CEO Graham Smith said:

"Buckingham palace is national property treated like a private home occupied by a rogue tenant.  Years of failure on the part of the royals have left the buildings in desperate need of repair."

"MPs and campaigners have long called on the palace to be opened up to tourists all year round, to pay for costs of maintenance.  The royals have refused.  So it's time they moved out and the palace turned into a world-class museum and art gallery."

"It's now being suggested the Queen will move out temporarily, so the taxpayer can start spending millions on repairs.  Well if the taxpayer is footing the bill the taxpayer should reap the reward."

"St James's palace is the official headquarters of the monarchy and the Queen has plenty of other places to call home.  Buckingham palace already houses one of the world's greatest art collections - so let's see it handed back to the people."

"The Tower of London does well as a world-class tourist attraction, paying for its own upkeep.  Buckingham palace would make a great tourist destination - if the royals moved out."

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